22 August 2009

Demo Derby

I'm coming to you live from my driveway this morning. Every room that
I could possibly hang out in is occupied by a body right now.
Everywhere else looks like we got robbed.

Ah yes, good ol' AC got the home improvement bug. This time it's
painting. There is something about a plain white wall that gets under
my skin. So here we are and I'm wondering who's damn bright idea this
was. Painted for a good 7 hours yesterday and got the project half
done. I'm thinkin I'll end up going for more supplies today.

Hubby is refusing to help the painting. He's finding other stuff to
keep himself busy. If he just sat on the couch and watched I'm pretty
sure I'd paint him too.

Today entails more demolition. More painting for me and my dad. Hubby
is going to replace the kitchen counter with his dad. I will be so
glad when this is all done. Damn joys of owning a home.

Really? What the hell was I thinking??

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I dream of hanging out in Home Depot and the guy from HGTV coming up to me to do my project for me. So far it hasn't happened but..