02 August 2009

Shoot Me Sunday

This day has sucked from the get go this morning. Let me regale you in suckiness.

It started a bit last night when the hubby decided to be an idiot and launched my drink via cat and it dumped into my laptop. I woke up this morning to a completely dead laptop. Shit.

I started a new happy pill today too. A few hours after my first dose I was driving home and started puking my brains out while driving. Not my idea of working. Or tolerable.

After the first round of heaving my brains out I looked up and saw a cop car. I looked at my speedometer and fuck me. Yup. She pulled me over. I was only doing 12 over. She had pity or something on me and only gave me a warning. That was a first. I've always gotten tickets but I'm not complaining!

On top of this all, I have a cold too.

I should go find more drugs and go to bed.


The Savage said...

wow... SFP!

Anonymous said...

Hope you were able to rescue the computer.