01 August 2009


It just so happens that the lovely/gorgeous Saucy and the studly Sugar are both spending the weekend on a beach. I would sooo love to be doing that too. It's just that the nearest decent beach would require a plane ride to get there and I'm a poor schmuck so that won't happen. I'm still on call and this shit is really starting to getting to me. One would think that being on call this much would pay something but it sure the hell doesn't.

I was working yesterday afternoon and I thought my allergies were just kicking up. Wrong thought. I feel like somebody stuffed my head and then bashed it with a baseball bat right now. I had a good thought though. One of the big things that people are doing now a days is nasal douching. Ya get a bottle of saline that says Ocean on the label and douche away. This made me think for a second. Do ya think that maybe the insurance company would pay for a trip to the ocean to get the saline from the source?? How could I code the claim? Would it be covered if I used multiple diagnosis? Just a thought.

I think it's nap time again. I should go find some more drugs first. I'd rather hit the blackberry brandy for this but this damn call shit would not work well with it.


Saucy Wildcat said...

I'm all for a blogger's beach bash. We could save money by all sharing a hotel room. It would be fun.
I'm warning you though, Sugar snores.

Anonymous said...

Hey he does not snore (as badly) since the surgery.
And if it makes those who couldn't be at the beach happy, the water was not really warm enough (well at least for me)