30 August 2009

A Mother's Love

Alright everybody, pull up a square and get ready for a story. Ol' AC has a strong message to share with you here. So here we go..

A woman finds out the father of her beautiful little girl has been doing things that should only be saved for a marital bed. She did what any mother would do to start: kick his ass out and report his ass to the police. An investigation ensued. The whole extended family worth of kids had to be evaluated. The little girl seemed to be the only one who tested positive of sexual abuse. This went for the preliminary court hearings. Then the option of a trial came up. The prosecution didn't feel that they could win 100% so it just stayed there.

Mind you, douche bag waste of skin(DBWS) has a charm about him. He could get the pope to have an affair. He snowballed the social services and all the legal types. Deep down in Mom's heart, she knew that he tainted her little girl.

DBWS has had supervised visits since then. Mom has had her little girl with her. The next hurdle to get through is the divorce proceedings. She knew it was going to be bitter and ugly.

Mom has stumbled into an unfortunate series of events in life during this time. She got injured and was in jeopardy of losing her job very soon. Her house was soon to be in foreclosure. She also knew that the divorce proceedings are in full swing. DBWS wants to take custody of little girl to do God knows what. He was going to be ruthless in doing so. He wanted her to be deemed an unfit mother.

The legal system was failing Mom. He bamboozled the system that is suppose to help keep her family safe. She knew what she was going to do.

Over a few weeks she began giving her things away to her family. She used the guise of she was going to be losing her house so might as well get it out now. Her family knew different. But what to do? Turning her in wouldn't do any good for the fight to keep her daughter, yet watching her go through the red flags was scaring the shit out of them.

Finally the day came for the court hearing where DBWS was going to try and snowball the judge into thinking she's an unfit mother. In the middle of the night she takes her little girl to her older daughter's house. This is the last time she will see her perfect little girl. The morning details are still not known real well. She talks to her older daughter a few times and older daughter expresses how Mom is scaring her. Older Daughter knows there is something brewing. To the extent of what was brewing, nobody guessed.

A bad feeling hits all involved that afternoon. Mom is not answering her phone. The court hearing is suppose to be happening. A quick search of the news websites show a shooting occurred that afternoon. The shooting was at the apartment complex of DBWS. They are looking for the shooter.

I get a call from Older Daughter.

"I know it's my mom. What do I do?"

Oh fuck.

It all makes sense now.

I tell her to call the courthouse to see if the hearing occurred. I tell her I will be up there when I get done at work. I take her off of her work duties immediately and let the higher ups know.

The news networks are now adding more details of the shooter that they are looking for. Like a creepy nightmare, those details match those of Mom.

Older Daughter is freaking the fuck out. Rightfully so. It's about the time to go pick up her son and little girl from daycare. She can't get a hold of the courthouse so she calls the cops. They can't say either way if they are looking for Mom but they sure are showing the points towards doing so. Older Daughter calls the little girl's daycare and there is no answer. She knows she needs to pick up her little boy so she gets ready to leave.


Two officers on her doorstep. She knew immediately they were there to look for Mom. She says that she just talked to the police department and now her fears are confirmed. They want to search her house. A slew of men armed with firearms swarm her house. She waits outside for the quick search to be done. Empty as anticipated.

Older Daughter then takes off to pick up her boy and try to see what's going on with the little girl. Thank goodness she tried to pick up the little girl first. She was met by a police officer who told her that little girl was placed into protective custody. She continues on to pick up her little boy.

By this point in time, all the local news websites have Mom's picture plastered all over their web pages. My bosses go tell me to be with Older Daughter.

I fly as low as I can to her house. There is still no word on Mom and DBWS is only known to be in the hospital.

I arrive to find Older Daughter's exboyfriend there(side note on the bottom). She's just got the look of panic in her face. The waiting game begins. Where are you Mom? Are you OK?

We didn't wait too long. Older Daughter got a phone call saying that there is a report online that they found Mom. They didn't say if she was in custody. Older Daughter calls her police contact. While leaving a voice mail, the officer calls her back. She says what she knows and the officer starts to tell her what is going on. I dare not stray too far.

"Your mother took her life."

Older Daughter doesn't hear anything after that. Cry doesn't even cover what she did. Violent sobs shook her body as she crumpled towards the floor. I held on tight. ExBF got a chair and we got her safely to a sitting position. I held onto her as tight as I could. This is one of the worst things a person can hear in life.

What can I say to her? I can't see it's for the best, or that her suffering will be over, or that she's in a better place, or that it was a peaceful death. None of that. I just tell her that I'm so sorry and that I love her.

As Older Daughter starts to compose herself she looks and me and says, "My mom is dead."

ExBF and I take care of her that evening. He screened the phone calls, I was the ears for her to lean on. I have her show me pictures of Mom and little girl. She shares stories of the good times.

I wanted to honor Mom with Older Daughter. Out came the vodka. 2 shots. One in honor of Mom. One in honor of Older Daughter.

We finally find out that DBWS is dead, too. Mom's mission was accomplished.

Mom saw that the courts were not going to help her protect her little girl. Mom did what she thought she needed to do to protect her little girl.

She gave up her life to protect her daughter's.

The ultimate sacrifice.

Now on some side notes. Exboyfriend was the one that was illustrated a few weeks ago with trying to kill my friend. So in the last month or so, Older Daughter has suffered a miscarriage, having her bf try to kill her, and bf moved out on Wednesday. This poor girl has had more drama in one month that most don't even see in a lifetime.

I did think that it was ok to post this since the comments on the local newspaper website are sharing all the details. It all still seems surreal. I just hope that Mom is at peace.


Anonymous said...

Hun you did good.
She is really going to need you in the next few weeks/months. We are here to help you when you need it.

Confessor X said...

Wow...I don't know what to say other then I'm glad you and her are close...you're gonna need each other as time heals wounds.

Dana said...

Unfortunately, I understand mom's feelings and actions all too well.

This is difficult for everyone it touches. You being there - just that - is such a gift.