12 July 2009

Sunday Wrap Up

I can't believe this damn weekend is over.  Friday night was a blur.  Work took up most of the time.  That pissed me off.  If I was treated like a normal employee I would have been home a couple hours before I was.  Instead I'm the biggest piece of shit around there with the most seniority.  

Saturday was spent working and then spending the day with the various sides of the family.  I guess it was better to get it all done in one day than spread out the pain over 2.  The issue I have is that my parents and the in laws live exactly 5 minutes away from each other.  This means that if I visit one, I better visit the other.

Also keep in mind that I have been living the single life for over a week now.  Hubby is working on the inlaw's addition and has chosen to just live up there.  This is like deer hunting all over again.  Maybe I should start a side bar of how many days has the gomer been away from home. 

Sunday was spent nesting.  Or atleast that is what my mother says.  I spent pretty much all of the day cleaning obscure shit.  I cleaned a counter in the basement that hasn't been cleaned in a couple of years.  I cleaned out the magazine rack and washed the damn thing.  I think I've lost it.  After the cleaning ordeal I figured it was high time to watch a movie.  I finally sat down and watch the original Clerks movie.  I've seen Clerks 2 several times now and still needed to watch the first.  I guess I expected the acting to be a bit better.  Overall, I give the movie a need for a second viewing award so I can pick up on the stuff I missed the first time. 

I also have a friend expecting the birth of his first nephew.  I'm waiting to hear if the little guy has made it into the world yet :)  Good luck and congrats when the little one appears!

And then to finish off my day, my good buddy Sugar has now given me material for my nightmares tonight.  Thanks hun!  Take a read of the tail of his kitty and the visitor in the yard.

Well, time to pass out and wake up in a cold sweat.  Hope y'all had a good weekend too!

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Anonymous said...

Sorry bout that Hun. Just think what I am going through. I was there when the Anaconda came after me.