08 July 2009

Grubby HNT

I'm feeling a bit like a schmuck lately. I need a day at the salon. I need a hair job. I need some waxing done. I need a pedicure. Hell, I need some new clothes! So please, if you see me, just don't look at this train wreck!



13messages said...

I'll bet you look better than you think. Regardless, that pic is great.


Anonymous said...

(1) too hard on yourself and
(b) your hand is in the way of the good parts.

Dana said...

Is this where I read your palm for you?

Anonymous said...

*face palm*

nah, just kidding, inventive hnt this week

have a happy day, sexy

His BabyDoll said...

you are your own worst critic! Don't think that way....ok so now I'm channeling someone who says that to me all the time. LOL


Vixen said...

LOL I'm sure it's not that bad ;) Cute pic though.

die_tryin said...

Great Pic... we all have days like that.



Anonymous said...

love the pic!!!
Great idea!

Lapis Ruber said...

Looks like a celeb pic taken without permission :-) (I know it's Friday but Happy HNT anyway.)