25 July 2009

It's Fair Time!!

I decided to help out and do some community service last night at the county fair. I decided to help my dad working a beer tent. I've always pondered the thought of being a bartender. Get to sell drinks, listen to music, and talk smack with drunks. That sounds like my kind of time! This would be a start of if I'd like it or not.

I arrived a little early. I had an agenda for the night along with the free beer. Oh yeah. I got to drink free working behind the bar. I started off the night with a fantastic chocolate malt. I could live off of them. The bar was set up and had some time so next up was the beer battered cheese curds and a beer. Those are grease bombs on a tray. Nobody else can make em like that.

The night began we were slingin beer pretty good. I was having a ball! I really think I could do this for some beer money. It was fun seeing everyone go from sober to stumbling ass drunk as the night went on. I really didn't care who I was working with, I had more fun with the people buying beer.

This set up was set up on the grounds of the grandstand. It was the busiest night of the week. It was a big name country star singing last night. Now, those who know me know that country sends me up the wall. I find it too emotional and thought provoking. From what I listened to during this show, it was pretty good.

As the night closed out I still had food on my list that I wanted to get. So first stop was this :

When I went to Vegas my mission was to try a deep fried oreo and a deep fried twinkie. By the time my drunk friends and I made it there to try them, they were closed. Here I happen to stumble upon them. I finally got to try deep fried oreos. How sinful!!!!! They were soooo good!!!!!!!

I get done with those and finally left. I played DD for my dad. He had himself a good time.

I also spent the night on the farm. I figured it would be a good wifely thing to do. He hasn't been home for 3 weeks now. That's another post..

I also learned something that would make me leery of drinking at the fair. The fair association is so damn cheap that they cut corners on the beer pitchers. They have the cheapo plastic ones. Instead of buying new ones, they hired kids to go through the garbage to pull them out and wash them up and reuse them. Ewww....I'm glad I drank from single use cups. That's just frickin nasty.....


Hubman said...

Once upon a time Veronica and I went to a "Grange Fair" in central PA and came across deep-fried Oreos. We just could not bring ourselves to try them!

Glad to hear that you had such a good time!

Anonymous said...

Doing anything to a Oreo outside of dunking in milk is a Cardinal Sin. Get thee to Confession!!!

The Savage said...

Beer. It's whats for dinner....