28 July 2009


I'm sitting my car in a podunk town in the middle of nowwhere right
now. I've been sitting here for 45 minutes already and have another
hour to go before my meeting. The plans for today don't allow me to go
near home or the office without leaving right away so sitting here is
the best option.

I just talked to my best friend. It's been awhile and she was in a
horrible car accident since the last time I talked to her. I gave her
space because she was so frustrated with the whole situation that she
didn't want to see anyone. I can tell she still has a bit of a speech
promblem but I'll love her no matter what shape she's in.

I watched that dating in the dark show last night. These reality shoes
are getting nuts. I was entertained none the less. I'm interested to
see More To Love. I find it sad that the whole point of the show is to
let fluffy people find love. They should just be integrated and not
have a huge deal that they carry extra weight.

I would so love to get this meeting done so I can sneak home and take
a real nap!


Supercock said...

I could think of a way to entertain whilst you wait for your next appt!

Anonymous said...

What an exciting day!! I am sure hoping your evening was better.