13 June 2009

Weekend Off

I started my weekend early yesterday.  I took the day off for the hell of it.  One would think that I would do something fun right?  Maybe lay in the sun and get a tan?  Go shopping and stimulate this economy?  Visit a friend for lunch?

Oh hell no.  I cleaned.  My parents came down to help me clean.  We shampooed carpets.   Did laundry.  Cleaned nooks that haven't been cleaned this spring yet.  Planted some more flowers.  No naps were had.

I also got to see Ron White last night.  I laughed my ass off!  I had awesome seats for being the cheap seats.  We saw the stage pretty damn nicely and I really don't think paying more for seats under us would have been much of an improvement. 

Of course we went out to eat after and had mongolian bbq.  The one thing that I eat there that I don't normally eat is tofu.  I don't know why I eat it there but it's pretty damn good.  I've paid for the tofu since.

I was also obliged to go out for drinks afterward.  That was ok.  I really didn't want to but I'm glad I did.  I'm still tired as hell and I have to go and do it again.  I gotta go to a wedding here shortly.  I'm hoping it isn't too painful.  Only bright side is that I get to dress up :)

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