16 June 2009

Birthday Bucket List

Last night I went out to a hibachi/sushi bar to celebrate the birthday of a Cooter. She's the old bag at 45. She said she wanted to try sushi. She's 45 and never tried it and since I am the resident world traveler/cultured Cooter (hA!!!!!), I was the one for the job.
I give the girl my respect. I threw a lot of shit at her to try. I kept it pretty benign at tuna and salmon products but that is more raw than what I did my first time. I knew she was a trooper when I whipped her some sashimi. For all who don't know the difference, sushi is fish that is served either on a rice ball or rolled in rice. Sashimi, on the other hand, is just a chunk of raw fish. Yeah. She tried some. She ate it like a trooper. Hopefully I will get her hooked but I'm not holding my breath.

In turn, I ordered half the ocean thinking that the group would have a couple pieces each. Wrong idea. I ended up eating half the ocean. Then I ate my hibachi dinner on top of it. I thought I was going to die when I finished.

If I was smart, I would have went to the bathroom before leaving to partake in their heated toilet seats and bidet. This is the one and only restaurant that I know of that has these. I guess I didn't because I didn't want to paint a Picasso on their expensive seats. I know, TMI!

And what am I having that is cultural tonight you ask???

Mac and cheese.....


Anonymous said...

Good for her. I sometimes will order this just to hear my redneck in laws make the requisite bait comments. Ignorant hillbillys.

{{ d a n i m o }} said...

mmm, crunchy roll!!! i'm a sucker for any sushi with avocado and cream cheese 'cuz, you know, i'm such an american like that. :P that's pretty awesome of her to try sushi and sashimi on the same night, especially for her first time being at 45!

you know what's really funny? well, in my mind it's pretty hilarious at least. . . i had mac 'n cheese just now. and i ate so much of it that i wondered why i didn't stop sooner too. "to go" and "leftovers" have left my vocabulary! dang.

and aside from that hilarious bit of "tmi," those toilets sound awesome! where is this restaurant and when can i go?!