23 May 2009

Greetings from Camp Redneck!

I survived night 1 out here with no troubles. I'm waiting for my
coffee to cook right now. Even in the wilderness a girl has got to
have priorities. That gives me a few minutes to send up a post.

I'm up here with about 10 people. I only know 2. Met 2 once before.
Hubby knows em all. Makes for a fun morning of stumbling out of the
camper and not knowing anyone. Not to mention something died in my
mouth after the fish and beer last night.

I was looking forward to a tan today. Not thinking it will happen.
Cloudy as hell out. Shit. I also need to put on a bra. I just don't
feel comfortable enough to let the girls roam free.

Feelings after night 1 : I could live without this. I would have a
better time camping alone.

Time to get my coffee and recline-o-chair and my book and get to relaxin!


Anonymous said...

Have fun. I drove 7 hours for scattered T'storms today and T'storms all day tomorrow. At least I am roughing it on a sofa bed.

Dana said...

Since we've heard nothing from you, does that mean night s 2 and 3 were disastrous??

Hope your having fun!