08 March 2009

Off Call

I finally had a weekend off here.  I went and  got absolutely plowed Friday night after eating shark and tofu.  I think I lost it that night.  For those of you graced with my emails, I'm sorry if I offended you or was too annoying.  I get drunken fingers and email the crap out of anyone who will answer.  I was even drunken emailing my sister.  

Yesterday I did nothing but nap.  I wish I could get paid to nap.  It's the one thing in life that I truly enjoy (even more than sex!).  

Today I watched it snow some more and had a virtual dinner date.  He's such a lovely partner to have a date with.  It was our first time having dinner but gotta have a first to have second :)  I should have saved my dinner to eat with him too.  I would have thought that he would have ate before then but what do I know :)  

I also applied for another job tonight online.  Now I normally don't announce every job I apply for but this one was a bit special.  It is for the same company that my dinner date works for.  Now I know the blog world stays in the blog world for the most part but he actually had me put down his name for a referral.  Huh.  I was leary.  He was all for it.  Chances of me getting this job, pretty fuckin slim but it's worth a shot.  

On that note, I'm going to go find some cheese to eat.....

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The Savage said...

Apparently I'm not on the drunken email list.... (wink)