16 February 2009

Valentines Wrap Up

The Ol AC Shack was just a romanitical hotbed for the holiday.  Here's the recap.

I went to work in the morning.

Hubby spent the day in the garage.

I made dinner.  

I got no card.

I got nothing.

I ate my own chocolates.  

I did get more loving from the blog world than I got at home.  To those hotties, I love y'all!  I wouldn't trade ya for anything no matter what your wives say!  :)

I got a trade show tomorrow.  Atleast it gets me away from my desk.  I've been home way too much.  Wish me luck with not killing the director tomorrow.  This is my first show with her and she irritates the hell out of me.  I can't wait til she retires!


Evening said...

Awwwwww, I am sorry about your Valentines Day.

Wishing you a good day tomorrow.


Evening said...

OH....and I can't wait to see your new tattoo!!!

Anonymous said...

Have fun at the show. Gonna make an overnight of it?

Jennybean said...

awwww... I'm sorry....

have fun at the show!