07 February 2009


I'm sorry if I've had shit for content up here lately.  I've had an issue with getting home from work and falling asleep til the next morning.  It may sound like a dream but man it fucks up life in general.

I was cruising home the other day, freezing my ever loving ass off, and I was flipping through the radio since my satellite reciever took a shit.  I came across a song that instantly made me stop.

About 3 years ago I was sent down to Miami for work.  It was March and I had a case of the "winter has frozen everything off and I'm sick of its."  I've gotten into the habit of burning a cd of current songs before I leave since I never know what the radio stations are going to hold.  That trip the song "Tempurature" by Sean Paul was the feature.  

When I got off the plan I was instantly wrapped in the warm Florida air.  Then I went through the airport.  That is one shitty airport!!  I waited among the people waiting for their bags to head for their cruise.  I was one of the few I figured who was there for business.  I got my bags and then was issued my car and off I went.

Of course I took a wrong turn leaving the airport.  I ended up in a less than savory place and turned my car around to head in the right direction.  I found my hotel and proceeded to find a place for dinner that night.  I picked a seafood joint on South Beach.  I looked at the map and figured it would only take me 45 minutes to get there.  I made my reservation and headed out.  I opened the windows and drove it like I stole it to the beats of Sean Paul.  I was wrong.  It took me an hour and a half to get to the neighborhood.  I eneded up at the wrong the place and gave up.  I ate at a raw bar and it was awesome.  I must say I've never valet parked to eat at a bar before.  

With a full belly and the warm night air, I decided to cruise a bit.  Down I went on the A1A.  Music bangin and I ended up drag racing an old piece of shit truck.  I won of course even in a rental car :)  I have the most vivid memory of seeing the cruise ships in the port and the warm air in my hair.  I was in heaven.  Sean Paul slammin the whole time.  

A few days later I got sent to see one of our vendors a bit down the interstate.  It was my last day so I decided to wear some capris and sandals.  I wasn't with a customer so I was going to enjoy this trip dammit!  I remember sitting in the traffic jam on the way back, window open, foot hangin out the window, and looking over at the locals with their jackets on.  HA!  

On a by line, that was the trip where I got my first parking ticket.  I had no clue where the hell to pile in my car at the customer so I threw it in a parking lot at the college across the street.  WOOPS!!  Somehow I got work to pay for it...BONUS!

So without further adiu, here is the inspiration for this post....

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