21 January 2009

Today's Post Brought To You By The Letter "D"

Life has been a lot of work crap lately so I haven't had much to post about.  I decided to play along with Jennybean with the letter game.  Rules will be on the bottom.  My letter is the letter D.

1.  Dark Chocolate-  The darker the better.  I love bitter chocolate!

2.  Doodles-  I doodle on every piece of paper that is in my reach.  Many of my meeting notes are plastered with nonsense pictures from doodling through the whole thing.

3.  Drip Coffee- I live on coffee.  Take it away and it is like taking off my left arm.

4.  Damask Stripes-  I went on a year long hunt to find the perfect down comforter with damask strips.  I ended up settling on a plain down comforter and a damask stripe duvet.

5.  Douche-  For that not so fresh feeling.

6.  Dumbasses-  For without them I'd have no entertainment or anybody to rip on.

7.  DVR-  How did I ever live without one?  I never would have taped 50 episodes of MASH!

8.  Dildos-  I had to share that.  My weekday husband...and some weekends too.

9. Driving- I'm not a good homebody.  I need to travel.  

10.  Deeds-  My good buddy Sugar did a nice synopsis of love back on his site.  Go check it out to see what I mean.

So here's the rules:

If you want a letter make a comment and ask. I will send you one picked in random order (what the hell is that anyway?) and you get to play!! Just post 10 things you love that start with your letter.


pure evyl said...

It's good to see that you didn't add dingleberries to the list.

Anonymous said...

A Danerous letter (hehe).
Oh what we do with out the Dumb Masses that keep us in the service industries employed?

Jennybean said...

Thanks for playing!

JayP71 said...

You gotta try your coffee with a french press. Takes a little longer but totally worth it. This is coming from an ex-trucker and certified coffee addict.