07 January 2009

There Was A Tuesday?

I totally missed it. Some bastard (ie husband and/or inlaws) gave me the wonderful stomach flu. Now I've had the flu but it's passed pretty quickly and dying wouldn't be that huge of an option. This one damn near killed me. I got kicked out of work a little before noon. I was just feeling sick and out of it.

I just about didn't make it home. I could have waited 15 more minutes at the office and left them a real treat.

I passed out for a few hours. Then woke up. Not cool. I thought I was dying. It was coming out so hard and fast I almost passed out. I screamed for the hubby. He, being the observant bright guy that he is, said that he didn't realize that I was home. I couldn't believe that. I took turns passing out and waking up to things flying hell bent and westward. I'm pretty sure I lost 10 lbs and never realized a colon could hold so much. It makes me wonder why humans don't have a smell of shit normally.

You know I'm sick when I don't even have the strength to check my Blackberry. I didn't. People called. People emailed. I did nothing or short 2 sentence responses.

With all this sleep I've had some funky ass dreams. Last night I was dreaming that I went to Germany. I was trying to drive and find the family but I couldn't read the road signs. I met a chick there that was fun and she wanted my phone number because emails costed her $9 a piece. Effed up dream there.

This morning's dream was much better. I was at a tropical destination on an ocean with a pool and condo. I just had issues getting out by the pool. The halls in the condo looked like a nursing home. I do remember laying out by the pool and watching the blue sky and hearing the ocean and thinking it was cold as hell at home. I guess I just had my winter vacation. Dang.

I'll check back in later with my HNT. At least I took this one awhile back.


Anonymous said...

Glad you survived Hun. Going to Germany and being on the beach both sound like great dreams to me.

pure evyl said...

Get better soon and next time invite me to that tropical dream. It's one cold motherscratcher here.

Evening said...

Oh you poor thing! I know a few people that have had that flu and they said it was awful. Hope you are feeling well again soon.

The Savage said...

I gets strange dreams when I'm sick too....