04 January 2009

Poke My Eyes Out Fun

Yesterday was the inlaw's Christmas. It was postponed from last weekend due to stomach flu outbreak. It started out in normal fashion, buying the last minute gifts a half hour after we were suppose to be there. I woke up early and wrapped all the presents we had and made the food. We went shopping and I got dropped off to wrap round 2 while Hubby went shopping for the final gifts. He snuck in and wrapped them bastards and we packed the truck and off we went. It is sad that we need to take a truck to this event and come home with barely enough for a back seat.

We arrived and I needed to start drinking instantly. The kids were nuts, rude, and out of control. Beer helped a lot. I was drinking faster than any of the men in the family. We ate and then I was helping out the sister in law with the clean up. She tasked me with a simple job. Put some plastic wrap over the pumpkin bread. I, in my drunken state, evaluated the plate and decided the 2 piece job would cover it. After I got the second piece on I realized that a quarter of the plate was still hanging out. I put on a third piece and apologized to SIL that it took 3 pieces for what 2 could handle. I blamed the beer she had. She told me I was cut off. AWWWW MAN!!!

It took us forever to unwrap presents. Everyone must have been really good this year or really broke now. The kids heads were spinning with all the toys. Afterwards we packed up all the vehicles with the loot. I was outside helping when I noticed a cop car flying by with its lights and siren on. I joked to Hubby that they must be going to the ghetto. Our house is only a mile from SIL so we have the same public services. Then I notice 2 more flying by. Then another. Then another. I made the comment of somebody must have been reallly bad. I did find out what happened. More on that later.

We hung out for the rest of the night and made our way home in the freezing rain. Yuck.

I snoozed on the futon while Hubby was watching Youtube videos. I rolled over and started reading the news crawl on the bottom of the tv. Here it seems that there was a drive by shooting just on the other side of the major highway that is about 2 blocks away from us.

Great. I live the in the ghetto. I always joked that we lived in the ghetto but now it is confirmed.

Hope y'all had a great Sunday. Mine was lazy. I loved every minute of it and wish I had another day.


The Savage said...

Hope your year is a good one....

Sugardaddy said...

Sounds like a good time was had by all. In-laws are just the best aren't they?

pure evyl said...

Beer always helps.

C.S. Perry said...

Get out of the ghetto J.J.!