18 January 2009

Back to Normal....

When I created this blog a little less than a year ago it was never meant to be a blog about boring, mundane daily details. I wanted it to be of the adult nature and place to vent my perverse self. I'm not an uptight goodie goodie and many times I do need to watch it in real life.

So it's time to learn a little bit about AC......(Warning: May be TMI!)

I have one heck of a collection of sex toys. I have plain to down right intimidating. The last sex toy that I bought was on election day. It's definitely a naughty one. It's a wonderful stick of silicone beads for.....well...You can figure that out!

So I guess that raises a question of what AC looks for in a sex toy.  Well, I look for something that provides clit stimulation and something that fills the whole so to speak.  Just the plain ones don't do it for me in the favorite category.

I do own a glass one.  It's very very pretty but I never got the best use of it.  If anything I've been sore as hell after using it.  Since there's no give, it's kinda hard on the cooter.  

Since it is Sunday, I do have a bit of a Sunday Confession here.  I'm not a huge fan of lube.  I guess I make enough of my own that any extra is overkill.  I have had to use it a couple of times when things turn into the Sahara but that's been a long time.

I'm not a huge fan of the blindfold either.  Tried it.  Did nothing for me.  

Handcuffs, well, need something to be restrained to.  Ye olde waterbed does not provide that.  Someday maybe I'll get to use them properly ;)

I do love the hooker heels!  Nothing makes me feel sluttier than trying to balance and not break my neck on heels that there is no way I could wear in public.  It is the epitomy of female sexuality in my book.

Sooo...there's a bit of info about my toy box.  I really need to have a sex toy party here soon.  I need some new toys!!

Do y'all want to hear about the porn collection next?


Anonymous said...

Tell us more tell us more.....

pure evyl said...

Porn is one of my favorite subjects.

My word verification is quimlyp. That's rather telling.