20 December 2008

A Very Cooter Christmas!

Last night was the only holiday party that I actually want to go to.  My fellow Cooters and I got together for a night of food, booze, games, and presents.  I was the first one to arrive somehow.  I'm always the last one because effin work gets in the way.  I sat and got my drink on before the rest of the Coots arrived.  We then plowed into some awesome food.  That sobered my ass right back up.  

Next up was the gifts.  Normally we do a gift for exchange that could go to anyone.  This we picked names.  That helped a lot for me.  My Cooter got a set of lovely toe rings.  She's the only one in the group that wears them so it was a very specialized gift.  It also seems that she had my name.  I have been getting into wine a lot lately.  Now I'm too dumb to become a wine snob that can tell the subtle differences of flavors of oak vs plywood casks.  I'm starting to figure out which kinds of wine I like (LOVE the chard..Like the Merlot...anything dry is good in my book).  Back at the last Cooterfest I had the girls pick me up a bottle of wine when they were doing a beer run.  I just said pick a Chardonnay with a pretty label.  That's how I shop for wine.  That and price.  I'm not paying $50 for a bottle of wine that I'll kill in one night.  So my lovely Cooterfriend gave me a nice coffee cup to enable my other addiction and then a bottle of wine.  She specifically said that she bought it for the label.  It was wrapped in a pretty burlap holiday bag and I went to town on the one piece of ribbon to get it open.  I pulled out the bottle and 
this is what I saw...............

Is she trying to tell me something??

On a by-line, my happy ass is going to be driving a looooong ass way tomorrow, in the snow.  Final destination, St Louis, MO.  Sooooooooo, I'm doing an AC call out to any bloggers that may want to do lunch, dinner, drinks, ect, on my route.  Drop me an email and we'll work something out!


pure evyl said...

Now that's a label. Hopefully there is truth in advertising.

Anonymous said...

So does it inspire one or just help when one is going on?