22 December 2008

Greetings From The Road!

Greetings from St Louis! It's a beautiful whatever degree tempurature here. I've fed my Waffle House addiction too. I was contented for about 5 minutes.

My work day was next to useless. I have to meet up with one more person in the morning and then my happy ass is going to make it most of the way home. Not all of the way. Damn work.

I think the gods are trying to not let me be home for the holidays. It is suppose to be freezing rain here tomorrow. Back near home more buckets of fucking snow.

I'm staying in a pretty nice damn room here. There was only one major problem with it. When I got here the air tempurature was about 8 degrees. I was rolling in about midnight. I was bushed. I walked in the room to find that the heat was not on at all. I'm not talking turned down way low, I'm talkin about not on period. It was fucking freezing in here. I cranked that bitch right away. I normally sleep in my birthday suit. I tried. Oh I tried. The shivering under the blankets made me get up and put my long johns and tshirt back on. Very amusing I know.

I must say I'm a self professed foodie. I love trying new foods. I've also gained a new confiedence of being able to go to a restaurant and eat alone. I have my Black Berry to keep me company. A fellow blog friend recommended a place here that was seen on "Diners, Drive Ins, and Dives." I was able to find it with ease thanks to the gps. They were right. It looked like a dive. The menu was a varied one with fancy ass shit on it. Schnitzel and spatzel caught my eye. Good German cookin. I was disappointed. It was nothing more than a thin fried pork chop and the spatzel was just ok. I also had room for dessert. That never happens at home. They had this dessert that was frozen cheesecake batter so to speak. It also had habinero fruit and chocolate sauce and Jack Daniels whipped cream. I couldn't pass that shit up! Then it almost broke my fork. It was very frozen. All in all, it was good but nothing to drop everything and run to.

Wish me luck with getting my happy ass home in time for Santa to come through window.


Mike said...

Greetings from the other side of the pond!
Thats a shame about the room being so damn cold and that you couldn`t sleep in your birthday suit ( oh what a lovely thought ;) )
Hope you get your happy arse home in time for Santa to come through window lol

The Savage said...

Waffle House addiction? And people call me strange.... lol.
Crap... where did I put that Santa suit?

Sugardaddy said...

Drive safely. Hope Santa finds what you really want.

pure evyl said...

I so need to take a road trip to a Waffle House now.

My word verification is bijob. Weird.