27 December 2008


It was a nice morning so far in the AC Shack.  I blew the wad on Amazon.  Hubby worked on bills.  Fair work load there.  I came across a letter in the pile of mail that has been neglected.  It was from a hotel chain that I love because they have free beer and cheese for me when I check in.  It didn't look like a dufus credit card offer so I decided to open it.

Dear AC,

Some pimple faced prick hacked our fucking system and they got your credit card info and name.  Here's a year of credit monitoring.  Happy Fucking Holidays.

Your truly,
Your Favorite Hotel

Fuck me.  

Here's the amusing part.  I stayed there a fair amount back in July.  I stayed there one night during the most stressful time I've ever had in the working world.  I treated myself to a nice steak dinner via room service.  That steak dinner ended up giving me food poisoning.  I thought dying was a good option after that night.  

So Hotel Chain not only damn near killed me, they now have given away my credit info.  I wish Holiday Inn would have beer and cheese waiting in my room.  Then this would all be over with and I'd never stay there again.


pure evyl said...

I don't know if free beer would be compensation enough for all the bs. Although it is hard to turn down free beer.

Evening said...

Oooooh, NO!!! I will cross my fingers that you don't have any problems with people screwing with your credit or identity.

Sugardaddy said...

That sucks!! On the bright side it was only one card and not your whole wallet/purse. That dear is a disaster.
And while Holiday Inn doesn't give you beer in the evening, their cinnamon rolls are to die for.

Southern Sage said...

Merry FUckin Christmas huh???