17 December 2008

Pre HNT Ramblings

It won't be until later til I can take my HNT pic so I figured I'd ramble here a bit.

The cold is worse than ever. I thought smashing up my car today would have been a good option and may have felt better. It took me over an hour to do my 20 minute drive to work. Effin roads froze back over after last night's snow. We're suppose to get another foot starting tomorrow night. I'm seeing a work at home day in my future.

I'll be doing an ass load of windshield time here before Christmas. As it stands right now, I'll be leaving Sunday to drive to St Louis, MO. I can't fly it because I have to take equipment with me. I'll either be driving home late on the 23rd or Christmas Eve. So if anybody wants to grab a drink, that's where I'll be!

I have no idea if Christmas will be ready on time. Right now I don't care. Most of the presents are bought. The two people I need to have the present for by Christmas are already done. Everyone else can wait til after.

HNT comin up later!


pure evyl said...

Try tequila. It might not make your cold any better but it might make you not give a fuck about it.

The Savage said...

Yeah, everyone else can wait!