25 December 2008

Merry Messed Up Christmas

The way my Christmas Eve started off, I thought for sure I was going to be stuck in the state pen....Luckily I got paroled back to the snow storm.  The roads got super shitty on the way home.  I was back to doing the interstate crawl and I was ready to lose it.  Work then chimed in.  It seems everyone else at the home base decided to pack it in early and not bother to tell the call people about it (ie me).  I ended up fighting, screaming, and fighting back tears the whole way home.  I cracked.  I was done.  I appreciate those who were listening to my emails and tried to cheer me up.  I don't remember a couple hours of yesterday afternoon.  I'm sorry if I pissed anyone off.

After all the work shit was done, I finally got to wrap the presents needed for last night and we hit the road to Walmart to pick up a present for today.  The parking lot was fairly empty and I thought we were on to something with shopping on Christmas Eve at this time.  We walked in the door and were told we had 10 minutes to get our shit and get out.  Power shop!!!  After that Hubby dodged snow drifts to my parents.  

We had the traditional meatless Polish dinner on Christmas Eve.  Fish fish and more fish.  It was pretty good.  We opened presents after and bless my mother, she tried.  I got a table cloth(which I have 3 good ones already) and a sweater vest (envision Roseanne's mom from the show...)...Bless her heart.  

I was passed out at the early time of 10pm.  Merry Christmas to me.

I crawled out and back in at 10 am.  I got called out to work of course.

My patient is pretty close to meeting Jesus.  Merry Fuckin Christmas.  

Hubby also got sick overnight.  It seems the poor guy has the stomach flu.  We got to narc out of going to his side of the family now between my work and his tummy.  Thank God.  I'm not in the mood to make small talk with a family I barely know.  

Now I'm hungry and I'll have to cook for myself.  Making a turkey dinner for 1 is really not all that smart.   Looks like it might be the Christmas grilled cheese...


Saucy Wildcat said...

Aww hun. I'm sorry. I hope things will get better.

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas Hun. I hope the weekend will be be better and that Hubby doesn't give you the gift sharing his flu.