13 December 2008

He's Home!!

Deer hunting is done.  It hasn't snowed yet this weekend. 

Yes.  I'm talkin about the hubby.  

About a week ago the CPG (Chief Pussy Giver) gave the CFO (him) the instructions of we are getting a new bed.  My back can't handle sleeping on the waterbed anymore and it's time to grow up a bit.  With the snow that occured last weekend, we  did not make it out to shop for that.  During the week was either more snow or just being plain tired.  Last night we went out for a night on stores.   We found 2 beds at 2 different stores.  A thousand dollars difference.  Jeez.....  This is hard!

We also were on a mission to find an effin Christmas tree.  There is shit left!  I'm talkin shit!  Did find a red tree.  Perfect for coordinating with leather restraints and some chains.  The perfect naughty tree.  But I wasn't going to pay $100 bucks for it.  Pretty soon I'm just going to go whack a branch of a tree somewhere and use that.  

Let me fast forward to the night.  It has become apparent that hubby has deadly sperm back up.I take a muscle relaxer to help me sleep last night.  About midway through the night I start getting violated.  Hand comes over and tries to start something.  Swat away.  Pick up and throw.  Smack that hand.  Nothing fuckin worked.  I had had it.  I ended up getting up and sleeping on the couch.  He doesn't remember a thing.  He's got some deadly sperm back up if he's trying to violate me in his sleep.  

So that was my Friday night.  Waiting for more shitty weather to come here this weekend.  I better get the other shit for Christmas done too.  But first, a nap.........  


Evening said...

Honey, it is time to get that tree, Christmas will be here and then over soon.
Good luck on the new bed decision.
Hope you are having a good weekend.

Sugardaddy said...

Pulled into a nursery yesterday to pick up the tree. As I pulled in, I noticed the guy taking down the sign. They had 3 left. All with sold signs on them. Asked if they were going to get more. They said no. WTF! They will obviously sell out. Anyhoo we did find one in the dark at the Relay For Life lot. I feel lots better for purchasing it there.

pure evyl said...

Sexual Somnambulism is a much misunderstood problem. I suffer from it as well.