08 November 2008

What Happened????

Greetings from vacation!

Yesterday was one of those days that I'm almost happy I have photos to remember it by.  Somethings are a little hazy.  I know we started drinking at 9 am. The bottle of Malibu was gone by 11.  We ran out of beer at 3.  Reload at 5.  A few bottle of Boones Farm we consumed.  And then for dinner I had my bottle of House Wine.  I remember laughing a lot.  My shirt has got brownie batter dried to it.  I also woke up to a temporary tramp stamp.  My friends must love me enough to give me a tramp stamp and look at my ass while doing it.  

I also stayed up til 2:30 watching porn.  It sucks to watch porn and not have a release!  I should have went out to the car and rubbed one out!

We're going to a winery today.  Another bottle of wine is going to go missing.  I hope my brain cells don't go with it!


pure evyl said...

Sounds like good times.

Evening said...

Sounds like you are having a fantastic time.

Anonymous said...

No boredom allowed this weekend or no?