05 November 2008


I'm sitting here at Cooterfest and I thought I'd say "HEEEYY!!"

I've got a 12 pack in me and I'm feelin froggy.  We hit the hot tub tonight.  Hot tubs mask drunkenness.  

I'm also an idiot and forgot my swimsuit.  I almost had to go nekkid!  Luckily one of my fellow vacationers had an extra suit.

More beer to be drank and possible pics to follow!!


Jennybean said...

sounds like you're having a great time!

Anonymous said...

You promised on the 5th. It is now the 7th. Where are our damn pics?
And I know I speak for Chuck and Slick when I ask.
(word verification is chains. are you trying to tell us something here?)