02 November 2008


I went to bed yesterday at 2:30 pm.  I woke up a few times through the evening but overall did not leave that bed until 8:30 this morning.

I'm still tired as we speak.

Hubby has hit the shit list hardcore right now.  I haven't seen him since I left on Tuesday.  He told me earlier in the day he'd be home in the afternoon sometime.  Well, I classify this as night now.  Looks like I still need to keep the pussy moratorium in action.  Pretty soon it's gunna heal over from lack of use!

I may also have gotten a new job out of this trip.  It was the craziest shit.  It would be a temporary job that would last about a year in Florida.  Now what northerner would pass up a job where they get to go to Florida all winter??  I had to confirm with another person today about the situation before I said anything.  It looks very promising.  I just have to get her my personal email address.  I better get on that!

I'm also pretty sure that I'm a southerner from a former life or something.  I was talking to a wonderful friend from the south on Friday and I so could not speak northern.  I had the southern drawl goin like nobody's business.  Which in turn made his more pronounced.  And had me saying "huh?" every other sentence.  I'm a grits addict with a southern drawl living in the north.  I see something very wrong with this picture.  

Me and Mary Ann are getting along great.  I haven't even rigged up the other laptop since I got home.  It's just a little odd trying to type on such a small computer!

I get to start drinking all over again on Wednesday.  I may try to do a drunken post.  HA!  That'll be amusing!  I think those who received drunken emails Thursday night can vouch for that!


Jennybean said...

lol.. get that drawl outta here!

Slick said...

Ah, don't listen to Jenny! ;) Drawls are most welcomed down here.

Ol' boy just doesn't realize what he's missing.

pure evyl said...

Drunken posts are my faves.

Anonymous said...

Now wintering in FL. That sounds what every Yankee wants to do. Work on the accent (we prefer not to call it drawl) and remember the Waffle. You'll be back for good.