14 October 2008

Story of My Night


I spent the evening getting ripped and applying for jobs. Yeah....That's a smart combo!

I did find an ad on Sunday for a job at the local porn shop. I actually considered it hard. It's a very nice porn shop and who's in a bad mood in a porn shop? I bet I could get discounts on the merchandise. Then maybe I could replace the one that unfortunately died....  Or maybe some bondage rope..... Or a new string of anal beads..... Damn! Where's that ad!

On another front, I made an interesting observation this last weekend about kids and bikes.  Ever since I moved into the big city I've had a gripe with the dumbass kids who ride their bikes in this city.  When I grew up in the country, if you were riding a bike and a car was coming, you hugged the side of the road as close as you could.  If you were with a group of friends, we all would hug the side of the road in single file.  Not the kids in this damn city.  They ride down the middle of the freakin driving until the last possible second before they have a hood ornament injected up their assholes.  Then they have the nerve to glare at you for driving in the road.  I figured maybe this how the ungrateful little bastards, er, I mean kids, are now a days.  I went to my parents over the weekend and decided to take some back roads into the two bit town.  I came upon a group of 3 kids biking and they were biking down the middle of the road.  I was prepared to inject my front end up their asses like I have to do in the city.  The kids moved over to the side of the road in single file long before I could get pissed!  Now are disrespectful kids on bikes just exist in my city, cities in general, or did I just grow up in an extremely respectful town?


Pluff said...

"considered it hard"

Why that you ;) hehe... HARD..

pure evyl said...

Working in a porn shop might be cool but I would be afraid to shake anyone's hand.

Sugardaddy said...

Salesperson or "demo" girl?

Slick said...

Probably all cities.

Same here in Atlanta.

Hhhmm...a job in the porn store. Maybe I need to check on a second job for myself too? ;)