12 August 2008

Death of an Icon

So I was having a little me time here not too long ago and I had a very tragic death. My favorite toy died on me after orgasm number 4. The shaft quit swirling and I was crushed. I guess it was bound to happen after 4 years of good service to me. I still have to go online and order up his replacement. I sure can tell my favorite toy has died. Nothing has satisfied me. I'm in a constant state of arousal. No orgasm is satisfying me.

I'm also in a bit of a dry spell at home. Hubby pissed me off and I've cut him off. That really doesn't help either. There's nothing like the satisfaction of a flesh on flesh orgasm. Nothing.

Looks like I'll be craving it for awhile.


Luvsicpup said...

My sympahies on your loss. I could say that he went to a better place but considering where he died I doubt there is one. Have you re-ordered? I know a guy who makes home deliveries......

pure evyl said...

Hopefully he will get in your good graces again soon.