16 August 2008

Retail Therapy

After the crap that blew up at work, I really didn't think I was going to be there too much longer. Some new developments happened and I kinda want to see how they pan out. We are starting a marketing push so that I means I gotta dress up and put on a pretty face again.

Well over the past 4 months I've been under tons of stress. Most people under stress eat and gain weight. I do the exact opposite or I passed the point of eating stress into anorexic stress. All of my dress clothes hang on me like tarps and there is no way I want to market in them. I decided today was a good day for a little retain therapy to make me feel pretty again.

I went to a dress store and decided that being decked out in dresses would be a nice habit to get into. I, being the cheap bastard that I am, immediately went to the clearance racks. I found a couple of dresses 2 sizes smaller than what I was at 4 months ago and tried them on. Yeah. Still tarps. Down to another size in a skirt and I'll be damned if it didn't fit.

Now in the ladies world, sizes go in multiple of 2's. So if you look at it that way, I lost 3 sizes in 4 months. If you look at actual numbers, 6 sizes in 4 months. I haven't been this weight since high school. And all it took was a job to put me under so much stress that it's trying to kill me.

I also got some new panties today. That's fun trying to figure out sizes there! It isn't like you can try them on! I did get some pretty pink one and some lacy ones. Nothing can brighten your day like a sexy pair of panties on. I sure hope this will help with the mood!

Now don't get me wrong, dressing up all girlie is fun, but nothing beats a good ol' fashioned pair of scrubs!

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Luvsicpup said...

I say that nothing could brighten your day like having those new panites thrown across the room...