18 October 2008

Mean Wife

Last night I played poker with the hubby's friends. I kicked his ass. He was the first one to go out on account of me. I got a little tipsy and then very tired so there was nooooo lovin going on when we got home. He also informed me last night that he wasn't going to be coming home tonight after hunting. Wrong answer. It's been a month of not being home during the day on the weekends and now he's deciding to not come home at night. I wonder if he's noticing that the CPG(Chief Pussy Giver) has put a freeze on payments.

So the story continues into this morning. Early morning. His alarms starts going off at the ass crack before dawn and I'm in and out of consciousness. I notice his arm is over my belly on top of the blanket. As I'm drifting in and out of reality I notice his hand is slowly working its way south. The last thing that I remember is his hand right on top of the of the promise land. My instinct kicked in and my arm went under his arm under the covers and flung his arm right back at him. He got up within a minute then knowing he wasn't going to score any of the goodies.

I'm such a mean wife.


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Probably had to go out and kill something.