04 July 2011

What I've Learned On Bed Rest

  • I get a headache every afternoon
  • Eating semiupright is a highlight and I wear a lot of food
  • I can't eat nearly as much but I need to eat more often
  • There's still going to be abdominal discomfort
  • You become aware of everything your body is outputting
  • Don't ever turn down the stool softner if you are put on bed rest
  • The blimp has nothing on me for gas in the evenings
  • Try and sit up or roll a round a bit every hour or so to burp yourself
  • I have way too much time to think about things and analyze them
  • Crying can happen at any second
  • Hubby is finally showing signs of frustrations and that make me cry more
  • Life is so much better in my own living room, bed, bathroom, and with my own tvs
  • I'm finally recognizing more kicks from Cletus
  • Don't quit drinking fluids. Gotta find a happy medium between hydration and potty runs
  • I have no fucking clue what I'm going to do for leg shavings and eye brow waxing
  • If my mother's grandbaby is threatened, she will step up to the plate to help
  • Sleeping pills are the only way to get through this. I don't do enough activity in a day get tired enough to sleep
  • Hospital food blows. I will never eat red grapes again
  • I know I will be back in the hospital for more bed rest and treatment, I just don't know how soon
  • My cat was paid off by hubby to sleep on me so I wouldn't move. He admitted it.
  • Zero gravity loungers may be the work of God for getting a bed ridden person in fresh air
  • Yeast infections can scare you enough to think you have an infection
  • Don't let hubby touch the AC again
  • I have put myself on a personal ban of Google for my situation. It is way too bleak on there
  • I am amazed at how some family has stepped up, others are still missing, and what true friendship really is
  • Disability paperwork should never have to be done at the time of crisis
  • Why does Aflac make you wait to send in the claim til the EOB arrives?
  • How does a family plan for a baby shower now?
  • The one nurse really did notice the vibrator in my shower bag. She's not that dumb.
  • Hubby is passed out now. Looks like I have to get my own milk.
  • It's now 9pm. Time to take the nightly drugs! Would somebody please chart them for me?


Joker_SATX said...

Some of these are hysterical! Thanks for the laugh.

I am glad you are OK...

Don't ever...ever...ever...trust cats!

Evil Twin's Wife said...

Pelvic rest! That means NO stimulation to the hoo-ha/clit and no orgasm. You don't want the uterus to contract at all. I was on pelvic rest for both of our babies. You'll have plenty of time to make up for lost "hibbity-dibbity" time later... :-)