06 February 2011

You Ready For Some Football????

It is the day that is bigger than Christmas around these parts. It is Super Bowl Sunday. Not just any Super Bowl Sunday, but the Super Bowl where the Packers are playing. There has been shit on the news for the past week because it was all focused on what was happening in Dallas. I know that the Walmart across the street from the stadium in Dallas closed at 2 am and will reopen 6 am tomorrow. I know what the NFL experience is like. I've gotten to see a lot of shit that I just don't care about.

I do have my world famous chicken wings on tap for dinner tonight. This shit is da bomb! I kick the ass of all chicken wing makers with my recipe. If ya want it, leave me a comment or email me or something. I'd be happy happy to share my simple goodness that is my chicken wings. I'd be willing to say that this would work for other parts of the chicken too. No, it isn't a low fat fruity tooty meal and I don't intend of figuring out how to make it one. This shit rocks!

I have calmed down a lot since my last post. Actually, I turned into an uberbitch. Take this girl off of hormones and see what happens! The reminder of the failed month has started and it isn't all that bad,yet. That makes me nervous but whatever. Ultrasound bright and early tomorrow. I have gut feeling that this month will be canceled to due to cysts again. Maybe it's a defense mechanism. Otherwise after I do all that fun I'm off to St Louis!

I was supposed to go last week but with the weather that occured, my ass stayed home. I got to change flights for no fee and I really don't care about the rest of the shit. While I'm on my whirlwind tour of STL, I should be meeting up with the lovely CDM :) I'm so excited! It's fun when Twitter/Blog/Reality collide :)

Well, I should really hit the shower and start on the chores for the day. Somedays I wish I had a dumpster and a maid.

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Anonymous said...

Wing recipe? I'm game. Awesome game Sunday too. Was getting a little nervous for a bit, but the defense did a fine job of holding on.