18 February 2011

Keepin A Chick Down

I'm going to climb the walls here pretty soon.

I survived all the shots and work for the past week or so. I'd come home. Make something quick for dinner and pass out. The last few days have included getting up early for ultrasounds and a shot. Then today was the day. I at least got to sleep in 15 minutes past the time that I normally get up for work. I showered (mind you I forgot to use soap on the body) and sat down with some coffee and watched the news. I never do that! Finally hubby got up and did his duty into a cup and off we went. We dropped the boys off at the clinic to get a shower and we went to breakfast. Never knew the Ihop would be considered foreplay. After breakfast we trekked back to the clinic and I got nekkid from the waste down. It was time to make the deposit. The nurse dove in and ripped my hootie-hoo open with the salad tongs and started poking and pulling. She had a rough time finding the glory hole. She said I better get pregnant after all the work she did trying to find it. I wonder if that was part of my problem? It was not the most pleasant experience I've had. It hurt. I felt like I was going to pee in her face but I know it's not as bad as child birth. Hubby was there to see me wince in discomfort and hold my breath while slowly wiggling around. He needed to see the shit I'm going through. Once the catheter was placed it was a matter of seconds and it was done. Out it came and then had to lay there for 10 minutes. That was a good thing otherwise I'm sure I would have tried to pass out getting up. We trekked home and I tried to relax. Eventually I napped and 4 hours later figured it be high time to get the hell out of bed.

Hubby is now torturing me with his genre of movies that he likes. I can't stand them. It's going to be a long night if this shit keeps up. Not to mention I feel like there's a war going on in my belly and someone punched me repeatedly.

If I were a state worker, mainly a teacher, I would have been home today "protesting" the governor's budget plan. Bunch of pansy ass motherfuckers. Welcome to the got damn real world where the rest of us has to pay for our insurance and contribute to our retirement. After hearing that one of my high school classmates makes the same salary as I do and only working half a year, I have no sympathy since I work the whole year, pay half my insurance premium for shitty coverage and contribute to myself to the only form of a retirement plan that I can have. I don't have insurance and pensions handed to me on a golden plate. As for collective bargaining, I honestly don't give a shit if you get to keep it. The amount of shit that people whine for and how reasonable it is is squandering state funds to be bargaining this shit. Put your big girl pants on and quit yer bitching. As for the senators who jumped state lines to avoid the topic? You all should be fucking fired. You are "hired" to be the voice of the people and show up to work. If a nurse walked out of work because she didn't want to deal with a patient, her ass would be fired so fucking fast and her license yanked it would make your head spin. Shame on you dumb fuckers and I wish I had the ability to fire y'all.

There. That has been my day and my political minute.


Dana said...

Crossing everything for you! I know how important this is for you and I do hope this is the time!

Evil Twin's Wife said...

My thoughts and prayers are with you!

Anonymous said...

Here's hoping this approach works out for you!

I hear you with how teachers are so out of touch with how industries pay their employees. Here in NY, most teachers get 4 weeks of vacation on top of summers and all the normally scheduled school breaks PLUS they only pay 10% of their health insurance premiums, their pensions are funded by the districts AND they get a pre-tax credit in their pay for the contributions the districts make to their pensions.

Then they have the audacity to threaten to go on strike every time their contract is up for renewal. I say let them, there are PLENTY of candidates to replace their thankless asses!

Joker_SATX said...

Sending you good vibes babe!