06 December 2010


I've had a few things that I've noticed and just want to plop them out.

#1. IRT Deadliest Roads really make Indians look like a bunch of ignorant dumbasses. They make the backwoods hillbillies look like Rhodes Scholars.

#2. Walmart at this time of year is a suicide mission. I dreaded setting foot in it to get the monthly drugs. I really really think that the one I go to is tacky as shit. For the pharmacist consult, they don't even come down from their step up where they are filling their stuff. You could be at any spot along their counter and he just yells to ask if you have any questions. Real fucking tacky.

#3. This dark shit is for the birds. I should really find some Vitamin D pills. I have seen exactly 3 minutes of sun today. 15 more days til this shit starts turning back to the right direction.

#4. When somebody is on the verge of being fired, they really just go apeshit crazy. This is multiplied when they are management.

#5. The year I want snow we aren't getting much. I'm also a firm believer in the principal of energy conservation (Energy is neither created nor destroyed, it only changes forms). We are truly paying for our hot as hell summer.

#6. The new texting law in this state is pretty useless. There's no way to prove it. It doesn't ban reading emails or using the phone or using the gps. It only specifically calls out composing or sending electronic text messages. Yeah. Good luck proving that without a warrant. I understand they want to save lives, blah blah blah. I'm pretty sure that accidents increased when the radio was introduced in the car and fast food drive thrus were introduced. Just a way to thing the herd.

#7. The battery on this laptop doesn't last very long and I'm refusing to pull out the charger tonight.

Ok...enough of that list. Tomorrow I go for a baseline ultrasound. Then the egg cooking drugs and go back in a week and a half for another ultrasound to see if the eggs are ready for hatching. If they are ready then a shot to trigger laying them. If they aren't ready, then shots to plump them up. I'll know more tomorrow but my time to ride the soundwave pony is early. I'm sure a probe to the who who will wake me up :)


Evil Twin's Wife said...

Good luck with the eggies this time around! Go eggs! Go eggs! Do your bidness! :-)

bikinfool said...

You could be in New York where they've made it illegal to do anything with your phone that involves your hands.

Except for yakking on your effin phone as you drive past me while I'm pulled over so my wife can get a ticket for not wearing her seat belt - while I was driving. Stupid effin rookie cops.

Go Eggs! Go Swimmers!