18 December 2010

Let The Holidays Begin!

I could have sworn there was another week before Christmas in here. I was sadly mistaken by midweek. Good thing I was ahead of schedule and had most of my shopping done.

Today I'm trying to get ready for the holidays with a task most of the rest of the country is doing it seems. I'm trying to get my hair done. It's been over a year since I got highlights done and dammit, I'm sick of my blah colored hair! I anticipated that it was going to be a busy so I started calling the minute they opened. Well, they don't answer their phones for the first hour so I got a bit antsy. Yes, it is a Fantastic Sams and since some of the girls do a great job with my hair, I don't care. But I digress. I hopped in my car and drove over there. I got there 20 minutes after they opened. Chairs were all full and people were waiting. I asked for my normal lady and she was booked clear through the end of the day. WTF?? She had enough time for a hair cut but I need some color dammit! So I made an appointment with another girl who's done my hair before and didn't do too bad. That appointment isn't til this afternoon. I did, however, just get a phone call from my normal lady and she had a cancellation and I can see her today and an hour earlier than the original appointment. Yay me!! I'll get to look hot again!

Speaking of looking hot, I was out shopping last night with bff for a shower curtain for her and was cruising the clearance racks at Kohls. I came across a swath of dresses that peaked my interest. I need a decent dress to go with my knee high boots. I did score a dress and now I need to figure out where to wear it! Also need to figure out if I wear fishnets or regular panyhose with it....hmm..decisions decisions

Hubby did listen to me about getting a new tv this Christmas. Bless his heart. He thought it would be a good idea to replace our 32" tube tv with a 22" flat screen. I'll live but it is small. I will be aiming to get a new one by March and moving this one to the bedroom. He's been busy messing with it since yesterday. Good thing I'm leaving to get my hair done otherwise he'll drive me crazy.

The news finally made it to my mother that we will not be joining the family on Christmas Eve. The 7 hour drive is ridiculous to haul ass back after 12 hours. I guess they aren't going to wait for us to do the gift exchange now. I'm kinda hurt. Wait. I'm really hurt. I enjoy seeing my boys open their presents and rip into them and start playing with them. Then hubby gets into the mayhem and it's quality family time. I guess they don't want me to have that this year. I see how good I rate. Whatever. They really are pissing me off now. Once again it's being inadvertently rubbed in that we suck because we don't have kids. Maybe I should Fed Ex em all now and tell the whole family to fuck themselves. Should I be hurt? Sis is coming at the end of January over here and I thought we'd wait til then. I was sadly mistaken this morning. Enough with that rant. I just want to cry now.

I better go save hubby from himself before my house gets completely trashed from his technology scraping.


Evil Twin's Wife said...

Sorry about the family Christmas drama. :-( I would just relax at home and enjoy the quiet time! :-)

Matt-Man said...

Hopw you're feelin' better now, and...Fishnets...definitely fishnets. Cheers AC!!