04 May 2010

Paranormal Activity

I'm a firm believer that my deceased family members do watch over us and know everything that is going on in our lives. Shortly after my grandma died there was a brown butterfly that started hanging around the house. There was never a brown butterfly like that around our house that we've seen like that. It seems when there were family gatherings or moments of self reflection in the outdoors, that brown butterfly would appear. I am a firm believer that is my grandma telling me that she's still here for me.

Earlier this evening I was checking out the flowers in the yard. My bleeding heart is starting to have hearts. It is one of my favorite plants in the yard. As I was looking a brown butterfly came flitting up. It landed on the ground and hung out there for a bit. It flew around a little and landed again in my sight. I knew it was Grandma. I got the warm fuzzies.

Little did I know the danger that was to come.

We had a small line of storms blow up and barrel towards my area. I figured it would be a good storm and that's it. As it was approaching I heard the tornado sirens start going off. I went into full on information mode to try and figure out what the hell was going on. It seems there was a tornado due west of me on a westerly moving storm. It was about 10 miles away. I started to debate what to do. I eventually lured the cats into the basement and then decided that my happy ass should go there too. All the news stations were saying for my area to get to cover. The storm was dangerous and strong and spawning tornadoes. There was a tornado to the west. A tornado about 5 miles south. A tornado about 5 miles north of me. And then a tornado about 10 miles east of me.

What did I get?

Just a little bit of rain. No wind. Really nothing. I'm believing that Grandma kept me safe. It seems that where ever I am, the tornadoes and storms go either north or south but never where I am. I may move and then the storms hit there but never where I am currently living. She keeps me safe. Thank you Grandma. I love you.

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Brian said...

Wow! Nssty weather out your way. Figures I'd ride my bike today (5/5) just in time for it to head this way. Dammit.