14 November 2009

Beauty Has Its Price

I'm sick of looking at my frumpy fat ass. I decided to say fuck it and have a day of primping and grooming today. I started off at the salon to get the hairs highlighted, lowlighted and chopped. Guess how long I spent there? 2 1/2 hours. I wish I could afford a spa that would give me a fluffy bathrobe to sit in and have someone massage my feet while I sipped at cappuccino. Instead I got to enjoy listening to the old ladies behind me. Now that is some serious entertainment!

After dropping an assload on the hairs I decided it was time that the other end got cleaned up so I stopped at the cheap nail joint in Walmart. They've done a good job here. I've had my feet done once at a fancy salon and that chick totally turned them into raw hamburger. No, I stand corrected. The last time I had my feet done in a real spa, it was heavenly! The price was a special for some sale and it was half price. Even on sale, I could get two pedicures for the price of that one at the cheap nail joint. But I digress. This little chick worked for her money. Hard. I was even grossed out. I think she almost kissed my ass after I gave her a $10 tip. Long gross story on why I gave her that much but I sure think she earned it. That brings me to my next point. I really thing that out of courtesy, staff at the nail joints should really not be speaking in whatever language that their customers do not understand. I'm sure I've had some nasty things said about my feet over the years. I wish I had a job that I could talk in a foreign language in front of somebody and rip on them to no end.

Overall, it took me about 5 hours to get my primping done and a short walk through Walmart. I think I'm a bit tired now. I also did an assload of cleaning today too. I think something just ain't right....


Anonymous said...

I have always found that if you say to the person speaking a foreign language to please speak more slowly as you can't get all of what he/she is saying that their English gets really good.

fashionable INDIA said...

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