04 October 2009

Sunday Update

I really haven't had anything earth shattering going on in life lately. I slept til noon yesterday and was asleep again by 9:30 last night. Not sure what that is all about. So here I am this morning hanging out on the couch with my coffee and my laptop in the dark. Hubby is still sleeping. I am amazed he stayed home all day yesterday. I'm wondering if he's going to be taking off today. It just isn't right if he stays home for both weekend days without having some kind of family doing to go to.

The weekend ahead doesn't appear to be too entertaining. I have 1 day trip planned for work and that is about it. I really need to be able to start taking call again. It's not that I want to be working my ass off every damn weekend but I miss the money. I only was getting money for call for a couple months but I sure do miss it.

The flu season seems to be hunkering down nicely here. It seems a bit early for the flu season but the lovely H1N1 seems to be creating quiet a stir. Here's my thoughts on it. More people die during a regular seasonal flu season. People get sick with outbreaks of what we call the creeping crud all the time. There may not be a name but it still can take down a population pretty nicely. The amusing thing about H1N1 is that it isn't taking out the elderly population. There are more deaths from it in the young adult range. I do plan on getting the shot when I can. I'm not so worried for myself but I do not want to be a vector taking it to other places. Not sharing the love seems to not ensure job security but I guess I'm a caring girl that wants health to break out.

I'm also tinkering with the thoughts of a career change right now. I think what I want to be when I grow up is a travel agent. I know there is schooling involved. I'm just not sure where to look for it first. Any help would be appreciated :)

Ok...coffee kicking in....enough of my dribble...

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Anonymous said...

Hope the weekend got better. If I were you I would take the shot just to make sure I didn't get infected at the "clean" places you work. Prisons, Old Folks Homes, etc.