25 September 2009

Day #1 Complete

This vacation has barely just begun and it's mission accomplished. We
paid our extra 10 bucks to check in at 11 am and set work our drinking
muscles. The weather was perfect. Low 70's. Light breeze. And empty

The beers went down like water and I was plowed by noon. I drank
through it though :). I ended up drunk enough that I decided to go
swimming in the lake. Our cottage is overlooking a beautiful little
lake here so it was a short walk. I walked right into the swimming
area without even feeling a shock of tempurature. The water is super
low. No area in the swimming part came above my knees. Since I was
plowed I wanted to work off some of the booze like you do when you
dance your ass off to sober up so I started walking laps around the
swimming area. That just gave my lungs a workout but didn't do too
much for the drunk.

After I was done in the lake I decided to put human clothes on.
Instead of going in the cottage and changing in private, I stripped
off my suit parts and hung them up and then proceeded to walk stark
ass nekkid from the deck to my room. Nobody believed I would do it
so......the hot topic for the night was the area that my bush

Today promises to be another drunk day out. I better get my coffee in
me and get my tongue shaved so I'm ready for the challenge!

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