04 August 2009

Dinner-Blogger Style

I'm sitting out here in podunk nowhere and have time on my hands to find a good dinner. I did it up blogger style.

The great former blogger, DH*, taught me to consult a review website to check out the local places. I'm a huge fan, as with many road warriors, of the local establishments. I scoured it down to two places and decided on the one semi fancy place.

I arrived on the scene and entered into a nice little haunted mansion. The server freaked right the fuck out when I walked in the door. I didn't make a reservation(who knew!) and he had a party of 8 of just get there. He was the only server. I really think that he just was freaking for nothing. He seemed to warm up when I ordered the fillet.

The soup was fantastic. The salad was pretty good. Then the main dish came to grace my table. In the great Chuckie* style, I took a picture of my repas.

Sorry if it is a touch fuzzy. I need to clean the lens on my Blackberry again. That thing collects so much damn schmootz but I digress....

I never expected to have a decent presentation out here. The taters were flash deep fried I do believe. They were sooo yummy! The steak was perfect and it had an awesome cabernet sauce. The vegetables still had some bite and I love pea pods!

I killed every little bit......

I think it's almost time for some Oreos and milk for desert.......Perfect desert there...

*- I didn't link these wonderful guys to their blogs since DH hasn't posted in over a year and Chuckie isn't too far behind him. But they did leave a bloggie impression on me!