08 June 2009

Big Girl Pants

After my buddy Sugar ripped me a new one yesterday with his oh so loving and supportive comment, I figured I better put my big girl pants on and write about something positive.  This is going to be tough because very little is positive in life right now.

#1- Montana trip looks to be on for next week.  I thought I'd be driving to and from by myself.  I found out from the boss this morning that I will not be and most likely will be going with him.  The boss is a hoot away from the office setting.  There have been many a drunken nights that have been followed by hungover mornings with him.  I'd also enjoy having his ear for 16 hours so I can air some beefs.  

#2- I don't know how many of you feel about divine intervention.  Yesterday reaffirmed my belief that there are angels and dead family members looking out for me.  I was oncall all weekend.  I hadn't even made it home from St Louis and I was already getting called out.  I came home and died after that.  Saturday I was woke up by the answering service, caught a short nap in the afternoon and then was back working until I went to bed.  Sunday was my nephews' birthday party.  I was scared as hell that I was going to miss it all due to some pansy ass complaint that would put me to work.  I knew that I had to leave at a specific time to meet a coworker to do some stuff.  He was running late.  I did not get called in during the whole party.  I got to see them off.  Then as I was driving to meet my coworker I got called in.  It was like someone was looking out for me so I could see my boys.  I would have cracked and lost it if I didn't.  

#3- I'm off call for a couple of days.  Sorta.  Long story.

#4- One of my friends was induced today.  Their little girl is taking her merry sweet time coming out of the nice warm womb.  Knowing how late her father is to most things, I'm not surprised.

#5- George

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