27 June 2009

AC's Green Thumb

I don't remember if I posted this last summer and I'm too lazy to look so I'm sorry if this is a duplicate.

I do enjoy playing a bit with things that grow outside.  I have a few plants that if killed are grounds for a divorce.  (Lilac, Bleeding Heart, and some other bush that I can't spell the name of)  The one thing that I hate and I'm sure everyone hates is taking a wander out in the lawn barefoot to enjoy the feel of grass on your toes and then you step on a thistle.  I freakin hate that and they always seem to grow in any conditions.  Well my friends, I have found a cheap, earth friendly way to kill these little bastards.


Plain ol' 50 cent salt.

Iodinated or regular, it doesn't matter.  Just pour some on the leaves and let it sit.  Within a couple of days the plant absorbs the salt and it kills it from the roots up.  It'll turn black and wilt and be able to be disposed of. 

Just a little green thumb tip that I'm sure many know of but I find amazing every year.

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