30 May 2009

Summer Changes

Hubby decided to come home on Thursday and drop a bomb on me.  He decided to take voluntary lay off from work.

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot??

He mentioned that he was debating it while camping but that's where it was left.  I tell ya, I flipped out a bit.  Well, maybe a lot.  He works nights and has for the last 10 years.  Let's just say I'm used to being alone at night and having a bed to myself.  Weekends aren't the most restful since we don't share the bed well.  I told him he better plan some overnights away from her otherwise I may just severely hurt him.

I was not in my happy place.  It has gotten brighter though.  It's only for a few weeks.  He's going to work on all the projects he's started around the house in the last 4 years that he hasn't finished.  I get a new kitchen counter.  I'll have my trim work up so I can install real window coverings.  This might be worth the pain of him being home for a little bit.

His ass just better go back to work as soon as he can though......................


Dana said...

I was extremely upset when my husband did this a few years back (although he walked out of a job and was not eligible for unemployment). Hopefully yours will actually remain busy at the house so that you don't feel quite so "warm and fuzzy" heading off to work while he sleeps in!

Hubman said...

He took a voluntary layoff in this economy? Is it as least one of those temporary-they-promise-to-rehire-him in a few weeks types when business picks back up?

Good luck..