17 May 2009

Runnin On All Fours

I've been chasing my tail for the last few days. The show was pretty good. I didn't laugh nearly as much as I thought I would. He had issues with falling out of character for some of them. I don't know if it was because he was tired from doing too many shows or if he was higher than a kite. I also had a drink before it all. That was not the brightest idea. I was falling asleep half way through it. Best part of the night? Getting ignored by hubby. I didn't sit by him during the show. It's like I wasn't even there.

Friday was a day of fun. I had to cover for someone else at work. I worked my ass off. I didn't get home none too early either. Hubby got home shortly after I did. We ate dinner and ended up in bed at 9:30. Talk about rock stars!

Yesterday I had an open house at my work. Normally I would consider work functions painful for any other job but I know that there's free booze and a lot of laughs at these. Hubby knew I was leaving at 5 for this. Where was he? Out playing in the farm fields. Screw it. I'm not babysitting him and I left by myself. I got there and obviously I looked bothered by something. The boss kept asking if I was ok. He's good like that though. We've known each other long enough that he knows when things are right with me. I started drinking like an all star. There is no better feeling that sitting at your desk with a beer. I want to do it everyday. Everyone kept asking where the hubby was and all I could say was "The doghouse." The dumbass did eventually show up. The highlight of the night was the raffle. I won a Brett Favre throwback jersey. I had more than a few guys pissed off at me and wanted to take off with it. Overall, it was a fun night even with being pissed off beyond belief.

Today, guess where he is? Yup. Not here.

Boss also warned me here that I may be hitting the road to Montana pretty soon. Don't know what part yet but I'm game to go anywhere. I need more trips like this.

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