25 May 2009

I Did What??

I am finally home from Camp Redneck.  I was going to post pictures of camp but I will explain why not later in the post.

Saturday I did chill in the sun with my book.  Pretty much everybody took off from camp on 4wheelers so it was peaceful.  1 or 2 would trickle back in for a beer run or tool run.  Oh.  Did I mention I'm deathly afraid of all recreational vehicles?  Yeah.  Thanks Hubby.  I thought you waned to have a weekend together instead of you off on a 4wheeler and me back at camp.  Douche.

I started mixing myself some bloody marys and had myself a relaxing afternoon.  I took a great nap.  There is something to be said for sleeping in a light summertime breeze.  It was great.  I woke up and decided it was time for more vodka based drinks.  The neighbor lady was drinking White Russians so I knew it was going to be the party night.  I got plowed pretty darn quick.  I figured dinner would sober me up and bring me back down like it usually does.  Oh was I wrong.  Food didn't even touch it. 

Now at this point Hubby tried convincing me to try out the 4wheelers.  Since I was plowed I figured what the hell.  Drunks don't break, they bounce.  Off we went for a small ride and it wasn't as bad as I thought.  I actually got to drive back so I had a little itch to keep going.  They do a ride at dusk to closeo out the evening and I was given the property owner's atv.  Fantastic. 

I tell ya what.  I sobered up faster than shit out there.  I almost shit myself a few times and was tense as hell.  I was concentrating so hard on what I was doing I caught myself sticking my tongue out.  I got the damn thing stuck once but that was because they said "Just rock it to get out."  Well, my rock it means front to back.  Thiers was side to side.  Put that in the mental bank. We finally make it back to camp and I peel my fingers of the handlebars after negotiating with my arm muscle to relax a bit.  I slammed a beer.  I deserved it.  What a way to end a day.

Sunday I get my hungover ass  out of bed and take what could be considered a shower.  We were heading into town to pick up supplies and tour a local brewery.  We rode in style.  We had an Escalade.  Now one would consider this high brow but really it was readnecked out.  It had Yosemite Sam "Get Off" mud flaps on it.  High style I'm tellin ya. 

We went to the brewery.  It is my third time there and I've yet to do the actual tour.  I usually drink the free beer and go.  This is the brewery of the most favorite beer of the lovely Jennybean.  Well, it was a busy day and we couldn't get our whole group in for 2 plus hours.  They could take 4 of the 6 in a tour in a half hour but not all of us.  I volunteered  stay back.  I didn't care.  Hubby volunteered too then.  We drank our beers with the group and when they left for the tour, we napped in the Escalade.(There seems to be a nap theme here.)  One of the girls ended up with a migraine and she was toast after the tour.  We had to get her back.  No more errands, we go now.  So all the women jumped ship and I decided to read a little and take a nap.  A couple few hours later and I was refreshed.  The girl with the migraine beat my ass out of bed.  How did that happen????  They all left again while the few of us stayed behind and made dinner.  A little time around the campfire and my ass was out by 1030.  I don't know how.  I napped so much!

This morning was pretty uneventful.  Breakfast and cleaned up the camper while the boys were out cleaning up atvs.  We finally make our way on the road and I notice my Blackberry isn't charging.  I try all sorts of chargers around the truck with no dice.  I decided to pop the battery.  Yeah.  That wasn't the best move.  Fucker wouldn't boot up again. 

I had this about a week ago and tech support gave me directions how to fix this.  Reload the operating system and make sure you have your data backed up before your system blows.  Fuck.  Well.  I got the file on the laptop.  This can't be that hard, can it?  Let me tell you my wonderful readers, I spent 2 hours on the road fucking around trying to get this sumbitch reloaded.  I did finally get it to the promise land and she gave me her beautiful home screen.  It took a bit to rework her but she's up.  She isn't getting real email but I got network and gmail so I'm pretty tickled.  I had pictures of camp on the phone.  Since I had to wipe her, I lost them.  Dammit.  Just means I need to go back!

I'm home and I've showered.  I smell and feel like a new woman.  I can't wait to go spend a night in my bed.

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