14 March 2009

Saturday Chillin

I'm just sitting here chillin, waiting for my breakfast pizza to cook.  Homemade none the less!

I'm debating on what to do today.  I'm on call so all bets are off on a moments notice.  Like sleep.  Before the effin rooster crowed this morning, my blissful slumber was interupted by the answering service.  Doesn't make for a happy AC and not a good way to start the weekend.  I'm back home now and fighting doctors so it makes for a great end of the morning.  

I really need to clean out my bedroom.  Chuckie will be happy to know that the waterbed is being retired and sent back to the 80's.  We ordered a KING size eurotop the other night and it should hopefully be built by Wednesday.  My back cannot wait!  

I should also clean other parts of the house too.  This place is a shit hole.  I need a maid or another wife.  Or a husband that knows how to operate cleaning fluids and a garbage can.  

I'm most likely husband free tonight also.  He's going to go out and possibly spend the night with one of our friends.  Normally I wouldn't raise an eyeball but this here friend is female.  Yes she has a boyfriend and yes I trust them both, it's just odd.  I guess I'll have to keep myself company tonight.  

I smell the pizza burning and the smoke alarm is going off.  I guess it's done......

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

A true gormet chef. Smoke alarm for timer. Reminds me of another person I know.
Screw the cleaning, take a nap.