01 March 2009

Nuffin But Love

To All My Southern Friends With Love:

My good buddy Sugar is trying to fly out of ATL right now.  Them poor bastards have no clue what to do with a dusting of melting snow.  Us Yanks could get ya there with no delays at all.  I remember sitting at the gates and barely seeing the planes outside.  We still made it off the ground ontime and with no issues.  

So to all of you down in the light snow, I got nuffin but love for ya!  Just remember us when we bitch about a foot of that shit on the ground.


Saucy Wildcat said...

Hey now! I've got 3 whole inches at my house right now! We may not go to work all week. Hehe.

Sugardaddy said...

Three inches at your house! WOW!!!
Flight cancelled. And oh by the way ours will be gone tomorrow. How's yalls from Thursday doing?

Evening said...

The Milwaukee airport had almost 15 inches today and we didn't even have flurries at my house, it was sunny here all day. Lake affect snow!!
Aren't you sick of winter? UGH!!