23 February 2009

Somebody Has A Case Of The Mondays

I admit.  I'm in the mother of all pissy moods right now.  How many of you went to work today and anticipated getting your ass chewed for helping out by bringing in the mail?  Anybody?  Bueller?  

Well I did.  I brought the mail in twice over the past week because the normal mail bitch was "at a conference."  First instance was to take something out to be sent if the mail guy hadn't been through.  Well, he was through and instead of being a douche and leaving the incoming mail in the box and have someone else go get it, I figured I'd be nice and bring it in.  Today, we were waiting for something to come in that contained an ass load of work.  There was one person in the front office and since she was swamped I said I'd go out and get it for her.  

Well this inturn generated an email from the normal mail bitch when she showed up this afternoon.  WTF people???  What are you all trying to hide?  It isn't like I sat and went through everything!  I dumped the pile on the desk and kept on going.  

Sorry about the work vent.  I'm just dumbfounded and this will be on my list of reasons why I will quit.  

On a tattoo note, I'm molting.  It's really not itching but it sure the hell is making a mess.  

I'm going to go back to my pissy mood now and rock myself gently in the corner.


Evening said...

WOW!! That woman is a bitch!!

Hope your day gets better.

Anonymous said...

Ah the popular stage of inking where all you want to do is scratch. Patience my dear.

Scott said...

Seems to me that your employer doesn't deserve you. The majority of people don't go out of their way to help others--so they often don't appreciate those who do, because they can't understand why they do it.