31 January 2009

A Little Ass

I'm on "vacation" where I'm doing a little work under the table for a friend.  We went out for dinner tonight after a hard day of work.  I'm normally a beer girl but this place was meant for mixers.  My mojitos were perfectly presented with a real sugar cane and everybody's drinks were adorned with little plastic monkeys and mermaids.  My second drink, however, was adorned with a donkey.  I picked it off and looked at the rest of the group and said "I came to (frozen state) and I got some ass!".  Drinks were almost shot out of noses.  Mind you, it wasn't round 1.  The food we had was fantastic and then we went to a couple of bars afterward.

Now I'm not completely old yet, however, these damn bars made me feel like an old bat.  All these young skinny college girls in their skimpy dresses and boots.  I wore my jeans and pretty cleavage top.  Very old fashioned compared to these youngsters.  Oh well.  I still had fun. 

It is so nice to hang with some people who are semi work related but not directly.  We are all in the same industry and it was nice to see that they have just as many issues that interupt a personal life as I do.  

I also just finished the mother of all post drinking meals.  I got me a sack of sliders and fries from White Castle.  I don't get to spoil myself with these very often since the nearest White Castle is a good 3 hours away.  That's a bit far to go in my drunken book.  

I'm enjoying this hotel bed.  Nice and comfy.  Warm too.  I think it is time to roll over and say hi to the Sandman.


Anonymous said...

The only thing better than sliders after a long night is Waffle House. Glad you had a good time.

Jennybean said...

Hmmm...frozen state???